Jollibee and Mcdonalds Philippines always make it a point that they’ll touch the hearts of millions of Filipinos and even abroad with their commercials. Whether it’s the Holiday Seasons, Mother and Father’s Day, even Grandparents’ day and some other relevant celebrations, or a simple message of every dream and aspiration, both fast food giants will always come up with an idea of delivering the message.

Jollibee’s latest Valentine commercials struck a lot of hearts. Some were angered with the way one of their commercials “Vow” delivering a last second twist, where in reality Jollibee wanted to convey a message of “unconditional love”. Let’s accept it, most of us are so called “hopeless romantic”, that we want stories/romances to end with a famoso line “And they lived happily ever after…”. But things cannot always go how we want it to be.

McDonalds, likewise, received positive feedbacks from netizens and Ad critics. They have this solid reputation of producing commercials that will give you the chills, covering different walks of life.

Watch below the ads that made every heart pounding. Reminder, tissue or hanky should be within reach.


1 Vow

Just when you think that everything is just doing fine and the romance will blossom until death do they part.

2 Crush

To those who never gave up on love.

3 Date

For the love that never ends.

 4 Kahera




1 First Love

2 Tuloy Pa rin

When change happens, it can be for the better. Welcome change with the new Burger McDo.

 3 Handog

To our parents, our number one fans and the greatest heroes of our lives-maraming salamat for always being there for us. Handog namin ‘to sa inyo. #LoveKoTo

4 Kuya

What simple joys make you smile?

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