By Joyce Rochelle Montañano

“Pwedeng magdamot? Pwedeng sa ‘ kin ka lang?”

“I don’t share what’s mine, and you’re mine.”

“I don’t like him. I love him.”

“I’m not your superman. But if I was, you’ll be my kryptonite kasi ikaw ang weakness ko.”

“Nothing lasts forever. You’re my nothing, so you’re my forever.”

“Mambabae lang ako kung dadami ka.”


These are just the few “hugot/cheesy” pick-up lines of Wattpad Presents: Unwanted Girlfriend which they need to write down to the lower part of the screen like a subtitle to make sure you laugh and/or to impress you with such a great idea of dialogues. There are also too much “unwanted” graphic designs which are quite bothering, because you don’t know if you are going to look at the actors or at the graphic designs. is an online writing community in which users can post and share their creative writings such as poems, essays, short stories, novels and articles. You can join this community whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned writer. Some of the seasoned writers here join this community to share their writing experiences and their knowledge about copyright law to new writers.

Wattpad stories are also filmed by Star Cinema and Viva Films, and printed by Summit Media, Psicom (a publishing company jointly owned by Viva Communications) and Life is Beautiful Publishing.

Wattpad Presents is a TV-movie show which airs on TV5 and also produced in partnership with Life is Beautiful Publishing. Unwanted Girlfriend is a very predictable love story about a photographer and a model played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Derek Ramsey. Story written by Vampiremims (Wattpad username).

The model, Mica (Jasmine Curtis –Smith) had a big crush on a photographer, Mikael (Derek Ramsey). They first met in a bar, where Mica is with her best friend, Cielo . Both already got drunk, Cielo dared Mica to kiss a guy whoever she liked in that bar.

And there, Mica saw Mikael for the first time, approached him in a friendly way (yes friendly, not really flirty) and asked him nicely if she could kiss him. But Mikael respectfully declined.


And Mica wasn’t really offended. She was still able to make a joke by saying, “Kung hindi ka lang gwapo sinampal na kita eh.”

But there’s this rude guy who approached them, and said, “Ako na lang ang halikan mo.”

Mikael quickly replied, “Pare, ‘wag kang bastos, ha!” Then he punched him and it made Mica more kilig. But they did not become couple instantly. Destiny brought them back together after two years, when Mica signed for a modeling contract.

After some time of getting to know each other and working together, they signed a new contract with an agreement that Mica will be an unwanted girlfriend for Mikael. “Unwanted” maybe means he doesn’t really like her but he needs someone he can display as his girlfriend until he gets over with another girl named Stef, his college classmate whom he always chased, like a stalker. But the love turned out unrequited and he said that he never had a girlfriend because Stef is the only girl he can ever love.

As most of us will try to conclude, Mikael fell in love with Mica, and got over with Stef. But of course it will not be so simple. There will be many problems as hell. There’s Mica’s family who’s against their love, and wanted to arrange a marriage for her to another man.

Then one of them got sick and almost died. The other one also almost died because of a car accident. And since this is a typical romantic story of “We will fight for love,” “you and me against the world,” “we are meant to be,” “there’s forever thingy.” At the end, sila pa rin! Of course!!!

Derek Ramsey is still the same Derek who we saw in No Other Woman, Ex with Benefits (also a Wattpad story), A Secret Affair, and other romantic movies in which he played as a kind man who is not really playboy and just happened to be a chick-magnet.

But we saw a very different Jasmine Curtis-Smith here. We saw a very funny, pleasant, and kalog Jasmine here. Far different from what she used to portray – a quiet, modest, sossy young lady.

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