What a Spiral Breakfast!


I love food!

Truly, I do! And when you bring me to a buffet, my mind starts to spin and jump for joy, like bringing a kid to Disneyland. So, you can just imagine my reaction when a friend surprised me with a breakfast at Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet.



We have been to Spiral Buffet several times, either for lunch or dinner, or just sipping afternoon tea at the upper lounge. Sometimes, we have the Sunset Buffet near the pool. But for breakfast , we never had it because we are both night owls. So, rarely do we eat (breakfast) , at all.




We were both excited to try their morning meal. We woke up early since we were told that place would be quite full on the day we had our reservation. We had the best seat in the house. Beside the fountain and super near to the banquet.

What a feast! There was a wide array of choices. From Asian to Continental. From simple dishes to extravagant ones. Eggs are cooked the way you like it. They have rice, noodles, bread, salad, porridge, congee and organic cereal. They have different juices, dimsum and protein.




One of the things I looked forward to was their dessert section. I have learned that for breakfast, you get a selection of healthy treats, like variety of dried fruits, raisins, and nuts, which is packed with vitamins that could give you enough energy for a long day.



I must sincerely appologized for the lack of food photos. I was so hungry when I got there that the food was so tantalizing, I forgot to take photos… Till our next resto binge!

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