By Kiko Escuadro

“Yes, it’s possible that I will fight again, but right now what’s the focus in my mind is my big responsibility as as senator, and I’m really excited.”


After his last winning fight in the boxing arena, the people’s champ  Manny Pacquiao is now ready to set the rules. And this time as the  senator of the Republic of the Philippines. The former Saranggani province  representative is now ready to serve the people of the Philippines.

In this interview with the champ turned politician, Senator Manny Pacquiao shared his excitement  with his new political status. ” Excited na this July 1,” smiled senator-elect  Manny, who also shared his proposed bills and future plans as a senator. “Siyempre unahin natin ang mahihirap na kababayan natin, free education from elementary to college , pag increase ng salary ng mga kapulisan, sundalo at pagbibigay ng sustainable livelihood sa mga walang hanapbuhay. I think that’s good for this country na magawa na agad iyan.”

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Aside from helping Filipinos who are in need for  good education, Senator Manny also added that he will also extend his help to his fellow athletes. “Kailangan din natin tutukan at pag tuunan din ng pansin ang Philippine sports budget natin dahil talagang matagal ng walang budget ang mga athletes natin.”

The newly elected senator was also asked if he already had the chance to talk to the president-elect Rodrigo Duterte. “Ang napag usapan na namin is yung directly change para ma tulungan ang mahihirap nating tao,” was his quick reply.

He is also confident that president-elect Duterte will do a lot for the Filipinos despite all the controversial issues being thrown to the new leader. “For me siguro hindi lang natin naiintindihan si Mayor Rody kasi kung paano siya magsalita. Hindi naman siguro niya intensyon na kumbaga ayaw niya makasakit ng tao, respetuhin at intindihin din natin minsan ang mga nasasabi niya. Kailangan natin suportahan si President Rody at ang bagong administration para sa ikakabuti ng marami at naniniwala ang mga tao sa pagbabago na kanyang magagawa,” he reiterated.

Aside from being a lawmaker, there was a recent report that he’s interested in joining to fight for the upcoming Rio Olympics  2018 to be held in Brazil. But he was fast to clarify the issue.  “I think we have to respect the decision of the organization on who to send for the boxing fight for the Olympics. But I have decided already not to fight this August because the people of the Philippines don’t want me to participate because I have a bigger task (Senator) to fulfill and duties for this country and that is to serve our people,” he explained.


On the lighter side , Senator Manny Pacquiao was also a proud father to his son Jimuel and Michel who recently signed a contract as new ambassadors to a famous local clothing line (Bench).  “I’m so proud with my sons, Jimuel and Michael nung pinasok nila ang modeling, and before then naging mabait silang mga anak at masurin,” he said.

He’s particular to his boys that they need to prioritize their education and instill the value of humility. “Yes, number one sakin ang education nila, and I teach them how to make themselves humble before others,” he stressed.

The senator was also asked with his plans come Father’s Day. ” Wala, basta happy lang at kasama ko ang mga anak ko,” he smiled.

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