Greg Secker

Greg Secker, a multimillionaire trader and owner of the world’s No.1 Trader Education Company, Learn to Trade was in the country early this month. For the first time, he launched a brand new series of complimentary trading seminars across the Philippines to teach people  how to make an immediate income from trading the currency markets.

In these power packed seminars you would know exactly what to buy, when to sell and how to bank life changing profits month after month. You would also learn a simple trading strategy he used successfully for over 20 years that anyone can use to start making an easy 1500 dollars every single week.

At these events you also learned how to keep your risks small enough to enable you to build a highly profitable trading account. 200,000 people worldwide have attended the courses allowing them to quit their jobs producing an uncapped income from home.

Now you can register at to secure your path to financial freedom.

Last Christmas 2016, the employees joined in with basket brigade.They put together and delivered food parcels and presents across London and also in Manila for the house of Refuge. Tradeathons and Flying Traders are regular monthly events in all of regions and we build the offices these will grow too. The Tradeathons are powered by Smart Charts so can be accessed remotely from all over the world. All commissions made by the traders on these sessions are donated to the foundation.        Learn to Trade students who are now traders are working very hard to raise the funds required for the “Build a House Build a Home” project. They are committed to the foundation and the building of the village with our top traders offered the opportunity to stay with the Foundation giving back through their trading success.

Corporate Conduct and Responsibility

It means working with your clients to develop their trading knowledge, while protecting their assets and trading goals.We believe anyone can financially free themselves by trading the markets. Most people will never take that leap because no one has been there to help them step by step; as they ‘learn to trade’ the markets.                                                                      

Learn to Trade is the largest trading educator in the world and we believe firmly in corporate and client responsibility. Providing 1st class risk management training, a trading platform that prevents trading errors while keeping risk low, with a brokerage that believes leverage should be based on education and trading experience. Setting a maximum leverage of 15:1, we believe this makes us unique as allowing clients to trade with up to 300:1, inherently creates greater risk to client portfolios.                              

With our new offices in the Philippines, we will deliver a more understood and fairer financial trading service. Our goal is to make you a successful trader by learning the value of true risk management and how to use it to profit from the markets.Book your course today at

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