By Maryo B. Labad

“I never regret with my past experiences, it made me stronger, it made me a better person. But I just want to tell everyone that I never let anyone pay for my bill. I work hard for it, and I want to correct the misperception on me. And if I love you, I will do everything for you.  I’ll take care of you.”

These were the words uttered by the Brazilian model-host during the launch of a new modeling reality show, The Fiercest Of Them All, which will hit the boob tube on March 5 (Sunday), 9 PM in GMA News TV. To be aired every weekend, the show will last for one season (13 episodes). It is a combination of reality and fantasy (fanta-reality), the first to be done in Philippine television.

“Am I fierce?” I guess only to people I know and close to me. It is my way of making them feel how important they are to me and I don’t want to lose them. So I tell them how I feel, I am very open and honest to them,” said Daiana Menezes, the host of the new reality show.

“I think in my nine years here in the business, this is the best show that I have done,” said the host.  Her last TV hosting job was a game show in TV 5.  “I’m so proud of this show kasi puro totoo ang mga tao dito. Even if we shout at each other in the set, it’s just part of the job. Because when I don’t like something I don’t want to be a part of that show.  It has always been my dream to host my own show, but I never realized that it will be this good. It feels like I shot 13 different movies in the final editing of the show. It is a TV show but it looks like it is done for cinema. And the girls are so good and did so well. Kasi kung ako ang isa sa kanila. I would give up easily kasi grabe ang parusa na pinagdaanan nila.”

The writer
The director

Now that her marriage to a politician is annulled (last November), she’s ready to move on and meet and date with the right man.

“But I’ve been single for two years, and now I can move on. I guess the only thing I regret was that it took me so long to decide to file for the annulment. Antagal kong nauntog. I should have done it before, but maybe there was a reason, otherwise I won’t be here now. I’m ready for a new relationship but the best thing I’ve learned is not to talk too much about my lovelife kasi doon ako nagkakaroon ng intrigue because I’m too open.”

Daiana is now under Dondon Monteverde’s Reality Entertainment. And she’s now doing a movie intended for the international film fest.

Ino Havana, the writer and producer of the show (Overall Productions),  said that the show is both entertaining and addicting. “It is not a normal competition because you will see later on there are so many twists along the way and even me as a writer, nalilito na rin ako kung ano ang mangyayari sa susunod. Ganun ka strange ang show namin… very addicting, very  cinematic. The girls were  chosen based on their characters. Most of our challenges here ay pang lalaki. And with Daiana as our host, it is like a great cinematic experience.”

And how did it all start? “Actually when we were brainstorming (with direk) about what we could do for a usual modeling competition, we first taught of the title of the show; if you notice with our title there’s no hint that it’s about modeling…ang main consideration namin ay ang ugali. At ang fierceness ay may kanya-kanyang definition sa bawat girl. We feel fierceness is very broad and it is now up for the girls to come out how they would show their own definition of fierceness,” replied the first time producer-writer.

Katarina from Slovakia, one of the contestants
Daiana Menezes, host of The Fierce of them All

Also present during the launch were Martin Aviles, the director of the show, who said that it is unpredictable. “Being the first reality and fantasy show, makes it apart from other reality shows around the world.  It’s not a beauty contest, not a pageant but a competition and a test of character. Just like any reality show, the challenges are there, but what happens within that challenges, we don’t know or what happened after the challenges, we still don’t know. All the judging and deliberation are all organic. He also revealed that there were moments that some of the girls were almost close to breaking, especially the physical and emotional challenges. “As I’ve said this is not just a typical modeling-reality show, because  there are some challenges that will even test your loyalty to your friend,” he claimed.

To help the candidates elucidate their internal emotional feelings, three judges were chosen with different personal backgrounds, namely,  Matthias Rhodes (a Fil-Am model and fitness trainer based in New York; been in the country for five  months), Dog Fisher (Manu), a  fashion designer and production designer of the show. He’s considered to be the nightmare of the girls. “Craziest show in Philippine TV and I swear that, can challenge you that. We may not be the best but we believe that we are different,” he said. And Bea Jucom, a stylist and fashion writer. “I watched all reality shows but this one is something different.”

There are twelve contestants but only six girls (Trisha, Peru, Krisitne, Aya,Tanya and Katarina who is a model from Slovakia), attended the launch.

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