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Mister international 2015 and Miss Scuba International 2015

This year has brought too many beautiful things in my life, especially in my chosen career. There are too many things to thank for. The past few days were exciting, although stressful. Too many work to finish. But at the end of the day, all the hard work and sleepless nights were rewarded. I would like to thank these two beautiful individuals who brought honors to our country and show the world the ingenuity of Filipino craftsmanship.

After last year’s victory of Mr. Philippines Mariano Flormata Jr., better known as Neil Perez in the Mister International Pageant, the 10th edition of the said contest had been decided to be held here in the Philippines. With more than 40 good-looking candidates from all over the globe, last night’s final competition seem to be a tough one for the judges to decide who the winner would be. The opening number was a parade of the candidates wearing their national costume wherein they all looked so beautiful and ravishing.

The next part of the pageant was a segment of Francis Libiran collection. The candidates came out individually wearing suits created by the internationally acclaimed designer. They modelled his exquisite creations on stage and while wearing his creation, the top 15 candidates were chosen. Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Sweden, Panama, Indonesia, Brazil, Lebanon, China,

Mexico, Philippines, Czech Republic, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Australia made it to the first cut of top 15.

The top 15 candidates wore their red swimwear to compete in the swimwear competition. From this segment, the top 10 were chosen. Venezuela, Czech Republic, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Panama, Korea, Puerto Rico and Philippines made to the second round of the competition.

At this point, all the candidates came out in their formal as this was the portion where special awards would be given. It was also in this segment where the top 5 were chosen. Mr. Singapore, Edwin Au was chosen Mr. Congeniality based on the votes of his fellow candidates. Mr. Mexico, Alejandro Ruiz was chosen Mr. Photogenic International. The highlight of the evening for me was the announcement of the Best in National Costume Award. I created the costume of Mr. Philippines, Reniel Villareal. First, they announce the top 3 best national costumes. Indonesia (Kenny Austin), Venezuela (Rafael Angelucci) and Philippines were the top 3 winners of this segment. Then, they announced the Philippines as the winner of the Best National Costume award. They interviewed Reniel about his costume and he explained that his costume was inspired from the ibong adarna, a legendary Philippine bird and he was thankful to me as the designer of his costume. I was so proud as this was the first time that our country won this award in the Mister International Pageant. The one I did for Neil Perez only made it to the top 3 last year.


From the formal wear segment, the top 5 was chosen. Panama, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Brazil and Korea made it to the final 5. The top 5 had their final interview where the ranking would be determined. The candidate chose their judge who would ask the question, and for them to answer. Most of the candidates answered well, but I believed it was a combination of the final look and the wit of their answer that determined the winners.

So, the winners were announced. The 4th runner-up went to Mr. Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus. The 3rd runner-up went to Mister Panama, Julian Torres. Then 2nd runner-up went to Mister Korea, Sang-Jin Lee, while the 1st runner-up went to Mister Brazil, Anderson Tomazini. The title of Mister International 2015 went to Pedro Mendes of Switzerland. It was a tough night for the judges as I believe that there are so many deserving candidates but didn’t make it to the top 5. Some of my other favorites who, I personally like were Philippines and Indonesia. In determining the winner, it was really a choice between Switzerland and Brazil. I thought Brazil would be the winner that night as he was so gorgeous and he also answered so candidly well. Anyway, this was just my personal opinion but I believe Pedro Mendes of Switzerland also deserve the title “Mister International 2015”.

Miss Philippines wins Miss Scuba International 2015


On the othe side of the globe and a few days earlier, another Filipina, Cindy Pacia Madduma, won the title of Miss Scuba International 2015. Miss Scuba International first started in 2011. Unlike other pageants, this one unlike focuses on our oceans. This is an event to celebrate not only the beauty and courage of today’s modern women, but also to simultaneously advocate worldwide marine conservation. The pageant aims to share the beauty and wonders of the underwater world via beauty queens as it will enable more people to understand how fragile our oceans are and how much more we all need to play our individual little roles to make a big difference in protecting it.

Held in Sutera Harbour Resort in the majestic Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, the pageant was participated by almost 20 countries worldwide. Part of the event was the national costume competition where my creation for Cindy Madduma won the Best National Costume Award. The pageant concluded with Miss Philippines bagging the title. Her runners-up are from Venezuela, United States, Latvia and the United Kingdom.

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