Wishing Out Loud this 2016!

By Alwin M. Ignacio

The first week of the new year is almost done. Still, it is an opportune time to shout out what we want more this 2016.

Bossing Vic and Ai Ai Pa More!
More of Vic Sotto and Ai Ai de las Alas partnership! After their ultraelectro magnetic pairing in My Bebe Love that elicited guffaws and giddy overload, the adoring public looks forward to the day when the Bossing ng Bayan and the Philippines’ only Comedy Queen become the millenial reincarnation of John en Marsha.
Also, may there be more comedy shows to provide us with laugh out loud moments in the same league of Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata, Palibhasa Lalake, Duplex and It’s a Deal.

AlDub Own Series…
More of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza! But this time in a college life drama TV series that is somewhat similar to the much missed Felicity or a super glossy, ultra rich Filipino version of Gossip Girl.
The title of the series which stars Richard and Nicomaine must be called AA, acronym for Ayala Alabang, still the most elusive wealthy enclave of the rich Southern belles and gents. We are still clueless on how these Southern Metro Manila denizens trip and chill who all belong to the new moneyed and the buena familia of yore.
The “Pambansang Bae” of course will represent the new moneyed, while the Philippines’ Sweetheart figures as the damsel from Manila’s 100 mega-rich.

JaDine To Die For!
A more mature and edgier James Reid and Nadine Lustre on TV and hopefully in the movies, too.
For TV, why not a Pinoy adaptation of Cruel Intentions or the Korean drama The Heirs.
They can also do a remake of the erotic and emotionally charged Diliryo that featured Jomari Yllana and G Toengi.
Only the hotter than hot reel-pairing of JaDine has the sexual chemistry and emotional gravitas to pull off and give justice to a movie like Diliryo knowing the fact that there are oh! so many titillating scenes in it.

Desirable Tandem of Ian Veneracion and Jodi Sta. Maria!
These two screen partners are the major reasons why All You Need Is Pag-Ibig was at best, tolerable and likable.
Ian and Jodi will be a perfect match in a romantic comedy films in the league of Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and My Best Friend’s Wedding.
They should also rest their drama muscles for awhile on TV as they can be the perfect Pinoy version of Ally and Billy in an Ally McBeal inspired legal/romantic drama, or why not push the creative envelope further by making them like Mulder and Scully in X Files?

Bankable Duo of Jericho Rosales and Jennylyn Mercado!
The reason why #Walang Forever became the festival romantic drama favorite was because of the acting strengths of Echo and Jen.
They were so emotionally anchored and committed in giving life and soul to their roles Ethan and Mia, that is why you cannot help but be affected by them.
When you watch them on screen, it seemed they were no longer acting. They played it for real, so truthful it hurts. What happens when they are together, it seemed that you are witnessing the life of two people who are so close to you, they are not just friends, they have become family and you can just cry and die with them.
All their hurts and victories, you feel it and the effect, it wrenches your gut, your core, your very being. It does not only touches your heart strings, it is pulled, tugged, thrown, bitten and scorched.
And boy, that was how great Jericho and Jennylyn were in the movie. One became aware that a new and more potent love team that affects and consumes you, is born. And you want to watch them over and over and over again.

A Taste of Paul Salas and A Kick of Kit Thompson…
In the late primetime drama You’re My Home, the star quality of this tween is most palpable.
This juvenile is most nubile and you cannot deny the fact that he is a potential Kapamilya gold mine.
Another gentleman that we want more is Kit Thompson who has the drama king Dennis Trillo as the third angle with Solenn Heusaff in the forthcoming biker flick Lakbay2Love.
Kit is male super model tall and the camera loves his face, macho and buffed just right, lean and mean like a true love machine. Every inch of Thompson screams like a leading man and heartthrob.
What is wonderful about Kit, he can play as antagonist and you will still love him because of his innate hotness that makes him sizzle and yes, he does not have to do so much to make you feel the fever.

Barbie Forteza in Bloom!
She is the real Kapuso Teen Queen. The moment the Louie Ignacio directed flick Laut arrives in the cinemas, more people will see why she reigns supremely.
If the other young women in GMA are dreaming and desiring to become stars, Forteza’s glorious and laudable quest is to become an actress. And this fact spells the great difference.

GMA Artists Galore…
More of Ruru Madrid, Ken Chan, Jeric Gonzales, Miguel Tanfelix, Kiko Estrada and Hiro Peralta!
They are not yet household names nor are they most sought after commercial endorsers if compared to the teens, tweens and young adults of the Kapamilya network but, their biggest ace, they are not just sing and dance nubiles and young men, they know how to act and they can act so freaking well.

Another Chance for Mark Neumann and Jasmine Curtis-Smith!
They are the remaining gems on TV and are so deserving to become major leaguers because they are already the complete package, good looks and acting prowess.
May the Force be with the Happy Network so that they push further the careers of these two to stellar heights.

Take A Bow…
And to finally conclude Glitter.ph’s wish list, looking forward to an entertainment talk show on TV that is both authoritative and bitchy. Probably an arts and culture program. A travel program featuring the beauty and bounty of the Philippines as hosted by Fil-Am tweens and twinks, and yes, oh yes, a President who will truly serve the people.

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