Health Guru Toni Saret And The Capsinesis’ 30-Day Be Hot Challenge Winners

By Maryo Labad

With the success of this challenge, Ms. Olai Espiritu revealed that the next batch is to invite celebrities to participate in the next event.

Now that the holiday season is over, health coach and wellness guru, Toni Saret, the official trainer of the TV show The Biggest Loser (aired on channel 2 a few months ago), and the celebrity brand endorser of Capsinesis (a food supplement with cayenne pepper, green tea and wild berries), a fat burner, announced the winners of the Capsinesis 30-Day Be Hot Challenge, held at the poolside of the beautiful house of Ms. Olai Espiritu, the owner of the said metabolism booster product.

Last month, out of more than a hundred applicants, five deserving individuals were chosen and made it to the final cut of the said challenge. And the lucky 5, the strongest and persistent of them all, were named.

A production assistant at ABS-CBN, Rose Tejada, 27, is a bride-to-be, who used to weigh 123 pounds at the start of the challenge, well remembered the pain of being mistaken for a married woman. Today, her figure bait wedding gown-ready looks forward to marrying the man of her dreams in a month’s time. She plans to apply what she learned about the healthy meals in the Capsinesis boot camp, to her future family.

Dave Crucena, 21, firmly believed that his extra weight made him stand out for the wrong reasons. Years of hanging around the family kitchen have wreaked havoc on his weight. His graduation pictures only emphasized his hugeness. With his upcoming graduation from the Mapua Institute of Technology, he wants to show everyone that he can turn himself around. He aimed to have a fit body he can be proud of when he poses for his college graduation picture in months to come.

Gina Ylarde is a 31-year old mother who is in search of a drastic lifestyle change. Her husband revealed that she used to be the picture of excess. He recalled how she took her health for granted through smoking and alcohol. A mother of a young son, it brought her to senses. Since then, she got rid of her tobacco and alcohol habits and aimed of toning her muscles, a six pack abs. She started to eat organic tomato, string beans, onions and soybeans. And she started to climb and descend the stairs leading to her fourth floor home all the time.

A physician, Lyn Briones, 44, a physician, had a splitting headaches before she joined the challenge, and was rushed to the hospital. There she realized she had to act fast to keep her health problem from further damage to her body. That’s the time she started to attend dance exercises. She felt that if she lose weight, everything would follow.
The last, but not the least, Delfin Fontanar, 29, a sales officer, who had a different but equally good reason why he took this challenge. He joined primarily because he wanted to coach people, who, like him, takes fitness seriously. Secondly, it is for him self. He dreamed of seeing himself and his to-die-for abs in a billboard, and at the same time, inspire others. Health and fitness, after all, is second skin to this athletic sales executive.

After 30 days of attending a boot camp where they hurdled various challenges – dancing till they drop, pedaling a stationary bike, wall climbing, hitting the treadmill, push-ups, rigorous workout and exercises, – plus taking the Capsinesis food supplement everyday, gave everyone the best weight and body shape they deserved to be.

And with affirmation, Toni called the two top winners of the challenge. The graduating student from MIT, Dave Crucea who won the Best in Weight Loss award, and Gina Ylarde, the young mother and wife, chosen as the Best in Transformation. Both received a supply of Capsinesis products and free gym membership to maintain that healthy figure.

On the business side, the lady boss, Ms. Olai also revealed that for this year, aside from getting more celebrity endorsers, they have already planned of Capsinesis going global. “We will distribute our products abroad so we can reach more people to attain healthy lifestyles,” she said. “As we grow older, the more it becomes for us to take Capsinesis because our metabolism slows down. And for people who are so busy with work, this is like having a workout without goind to the gym.”

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