Sensuality Vs. Sexuality: Words are not enough?


By Trixie Dauz

“In having a label, it helped me to navigate the world that I want and what I do not want.”

A few days ago, several spoken word artists, both old and new to this genre of performance art, collaborated in the event of Metro Manila Pride held at Green Sun, Makati entitled Katawan. The said event is just a part of the Hubad series aimed to promote the population’s awareness of their sexuality and sensuality, as well as empower the LGBT and uphold their rights. The show was a fundraiser for the 2016 Metro Manila Pride Campaign (on its 22nd year) to be held on December 6.

One of the artist that night was Abby Orbeta. In her piece Ang Buratchibels ni Madame, which was about a woman who wants to have her own extra appendage. When asked whether the poet literally wanted to grow a male sexual organ, she replied, “Actually, gusto ko. Hindi ko feeling na kulang ako ng anything or whatever pero gusto ko siya for the mere fascination of what it’s like to have that extra appendage. Feeling ko interesting ang type ng body nila kaya very interested ako.”

This member of Words Anonymous confessed having grown up as the eldest of three, the two being both boys. “When I grew up, parang masculine ako gumalaw…tas, I grew up around boys…so parang pakiramdam ko I’m super different because I didn’t have one…I didn’t have a dick.”

Abby identified herself as a demipansexual, the definition in Urban Dictionary being: “A pansexual person (a person who is sexually interested in other people regardless of gender) who is also demisexual (sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons.”
When it comes to labels with regards to gender preference or sexuality as a whole, Abby thinks these new ones that came up in this era of millennials is an advantage. She felt it helped people understand the diversity and not just lean towards the stereotypical preferences.

“The fact na meron akong label allows me to be able to navigate the world easily compared to…kasi before I came to identify myself as demisexual-pansexual, nag-ascribe ako the no labels thing, which kinda made it difficult for me personally to identify where I stood as a person. It helped me…having the labels…to navigate the world in having what I want and what I do not want.”

One of her more popular performances was done at Sev’s Café about a year ago and can be viewed in Youtube. The title is Letters to Online Dating, with one of the most memorable lines being, “Dear online dating, my vagina thanks you.” Right now, she is very active in the spoken word community even though she went back to having a corporate job. She is positive that in the future, artists specializing in these type of performances would be able to make a living out of it.


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