The hitmaker returns…and why? \Ogie Alcasid returns to recording, with an album dedicated to Regine.

By Evo Joel Contrivida

“This is a very personal album for me, it’s one of those album na close to my heart. I wanted to share a lot of joy in marriage, and the only way to do that is thru songs,. I wanted to share a message that you can be happily married, if the right ingredient are there, and the songs kinda explain it”.

After four years of hiatus in the recording scene, Ogie Alcasid the hit maker-songwriter, now returns with a brand new album Ikaw Ang Buhay Ko under Universal Records. The 10-track album is a very personal collection according to the singer, because it is dedicated to his loving wife, the songbird Regine Velasquez.

Alcasid revealed during the blog conference, that his reason of not coming out of any song in the album is due to his hectic schedule as president of Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-Aawit (OPM). He was preoccupied in fulfilling his duties in the said organization, and of course, enjoying his marriage life with Velasquez. Alcasid is still the current CEO of OPM.

“The song Ikaw ang Buhay Ko obviously refers to my wife, but sometimes when I think about it, I also relate to God, he is our life, and he is our hope kasi yun ang chorus, ikaw ang Pangarap ko, Ikaw ang buhay ko, ikaw ang pag-asa ko, ikaw ang lahat, your everything to me. It is difficult to claim at one person, and you can’t with God, so it’s kinda reflective of our relationship with God, in our marriage”. Alcasid explained.

Alcasid explained that the five new songs in the album were inspired from his happy marriage, while the song “I Love You” was inspired by Aldub Phenomenon since he used to watch it on TV. “Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap” was the song he wrote and sung by Martin Nievera as the theme song of the defunct soap Lobo on ABS-CBN. The Song “The Lord Is Our Savior” was written during the time Mang Gerry, the father of Regine was undergoing a difficult time, until he passed away. The said song was a duet with Regine.

“When Mang Gerry was very sick, I was writing this song, and my wife said ‘what’s that song and sabi nya parinig nga’, and she started singing on her own and finding comfort in it by singing it,” recalled the composer.

The other five cover songs according to Ogie, were songs that he wished he could have recorded it. Actualy, he explained that these tracks were originally planned for a wedding album. The songs with his own version “Hanggang,” “Hawak Kamay,” “Iingatan Ka,” “Tanging Yaman” and “Pag-Ibig.”

But being an award-winning songwriter, with numerous hits and platinum albums, Alcasid still admitted that he still find hard time composing new songs. He realizes that people listen to songs in a very personal manner, and feel what the writer meant to convey. it’s like exposing the innermost thoughts of the writer the moment he was writing the song. He called such situation a dilemma because sometimes people may not understand their language.

“You really don’t know if your language will be understood, if it’s too corny, too wordy, too cheesy, andaming nakakahiya, you don’t know the respond and that’s scary. That’s why I learn to be genuine, parang election yan, the more genuine you appear they will appreciate you,” he stressed.

“Ikaw Ang Buhay Ko” which is also the carrier single of the album, is now available in all record bars nationwide. Digital download are also available such as in iTunes, Amazon and Spinner.

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