Richard, the Relevance of Being Quan

By Alwin M. Ignacio

“I think my being passionate about the craft, that is the reason why I feel stable, secure and happy with I have become. But, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I have become complacent and I don’t find ways to improve my craft. Whenever I get the chance I always make sure to experience things na magagamit ko in creating a character. I always want my roles to be men who not only breath, they must also think and feel.”

To the millennials who immensely followed the popular television remake of Pangako Sa ‘Yo, headlined by ABS-CBN’s teen royalties, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, Richard Quan was Teddy Boborol, the nemesis of Ian Veneracion’s Eduardo Buenavista.

The consummate character and supporting actor begins, “Being Teddy in Pangako was one of the best television working experiences for me, in my 22 years in the industry.”
He explains, “In a way, personal ang reason. I was part of the original PSY. Honestly, I hoped that they would call me, ABS-CBN, when I learned that meron remake pero sabi ko baka the chances are nil. So when they did call me, masaya. Masarap sa pakiramadam. Nung first day ko andun si direk Rory Quintos at direk Mae Santos na dating assistant director ng original.”

“Happy rin sila to see me,” Quan continues his recollection. “There were only three actors from the original that became part of the drama. It included Jodi Sta. Maria, who I think did an amazing part as Amor Powers, the always competent and sobrang husay na si Amy Austria at ako. That whole half a year run was fun and truly enjoyable. Creating a character that is totally different from whom I am, and maintaining this son of a prick and certified a-hole for that amount of time, was challenging and rewarding at the same time.”

How was it like being Ian Veneracion’s antagonist? Richard replies, “Cool si Ian na katrabaho as Eduardo. Most people don’t know that Ian and I are friends for real. During weekends, we go motor biking together. Kaya nga when I posted a picture of us engaged in motor biking, nakakatuwa na ang daming nag-react sa photo. “sa social media, dami nag react.”

Richard has been in the industry for two decades. Most people remember as the man who almost eclipsed the brown Adonis persona of Richard Gomez in the classic Saan Ka Man Naroon, a Reyna films classic that also starred Dawn Zulueta.

When asked how does he stay relevant, Quan’s reaction. “I don’t make or have a conscious effort to be relevant. Since day one, what guided me and that are still in my core discipline, hard work and professionalism. With regard to the status of my career, I am happy with its present status. In fact, ang gusto ko lang talaga is to be able maintain this position. Kaya, if the forces dictate na mas aangat pa ang career ko, I consider it as wonderful bonus and of course, it is very much welcome.”

His ultimate goal in the business is to be the man behind the camera, as a director.

Quan divulges, “I’m just waiting for a material that I want and love to direct. Hopefully, it happens soon. I want my future movie to show our every day struggles as Filipinos and how we deal with it, something inspiring and will touch our heart.”

Why do you love this industry so much? The actor answers, “At first, acting for me, being part of show business is an opportunity to do something new and interesting, and then it became a great source of income. This line of work opened up to many opportunities. I did TV, theatre and movies and as each project came, I realized that that this is no more a bread trip, I am in love with acting, with the whole aspect of being a performer. The next thing I know, sobrang passionate ka na and you appreciate it so much and you can harness your being an actor in doing other things.”

Richard goes on, “As an actor you realize you can use your status to influence other people in a positive way. Like, for example, when you give a follower a chance to have a pa-picture or selfie moment with you that will make them happy for a day or even weeks. Being part of the biz for two decades, I am already in that stage, I am aware that I influence people so what I do is to set a good example. You help and contribute in making this place a better place. Cliché as it may sound but that is what I do now, even in small yet tangible ways, as an actor there is so much we can and must do for the betterment of all. I still have so much to offer sa industry in terms of acting, directing, producing and others. And even more outside of the industry doing outreach projects that build and help communities and people grow and proud of their assets and themselves. It’s not about me or us anymore, it’s about how we influence and take positive steps to help other human beings.”

Quan’s hands are full nowadays. “I am part of an independent film called AWOL, an action film starring Gerald Anderson. This is my second film with direk Enzo Williams. He is a very talented director and the man behind Robin Padilla’s Bonifacio. After AWOL, per direk Enzo, I will also be part of his third motion picture.”

Quan is also the brand ambassador of Gamboa’s Sports Cologne and Cycle house, first and only motorcycle and bicycle franchising company in the Philippines.

A final question, from this correspondent; will he be courageous enough and be willing to do a Michael Fassbender Shame stunt in his next movies?

Richard smiles naughtily and reacts, “You mean a movie with full frontal nudity? Bring it on! Anytime for as long as I believe and trust my producer at director. Dapat the scene should be integral to movie’s narrative at hindi lang siya for exploitative and promotional use.”

Then he guffaws and remarks. “As if naman meron interested pa sa hubo’t-hubad na katawan ko.”

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