Is Consla pro showbiz?

An impressive party list, CONSLA considered mass media to include the press, movie and TV industry, as powerful forces in the Philippine society that contribute immensely to the growth of the national economy.

With more than six decades of existence, Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations (NSSLAs) are acknowledged by the Bangko Sentral  ng Pilipinas as one of the prime movers of the economy by serving as potent self-help vehicles of the marginalized sectors of the Philippine society including soldiers, policemen, firemen, teachers, employees of the public and private sectors, market vendors and mine workers in coping with their various financial needs and for entrepreneurial projects that will provide a brighter future for their families.

To further strengthen the vital role of the NSSLA industry, and to broaden its coverage so that a greater number of marginalized Filipinos would reap the same benefits as their members, CONSLA formed a #68 CONSLA Party List. It is committed to bring real economic growth to our communities and to OFWs by rekindling the noble Filipino values of “sariling sikap” and “bayanihan” thereby establishing a more responsible citizenry who will not solely rely on the government but will seek out ways to do their part in bringing progress to their communities via self-help vehicles.

It is envisioned that the propagation of non-stock savings and loan associations will provide the financial assistance to spur the growth and viability of micro, small, and medium enterprises and livelihood projects at the barangay level.

Col. Ricardo Nolasco Jr., PAF (retired), the first nominee of CONSLA Party list believed that the mass media are more than just a source of reporting and entertainment as it significantly depicts the hopes, dreams and even fantasies of the common man.

The group is committed to provide assistance to the Philippine mass media industry in two ways:

First, to provide the “seed money” and appropriate trainings for the setting up of the mass media, it’s very own savings and loan association- the Philippine mass media and savings and loan association, so that its member which may include the press, reporters, directors, production and technical crew, stunt men and women and bit players, will have the reliable means to collectively address their financial needs and to provide capital for their livelihood projects; and

Second, to pass laws that will uphold and protect their interest and welfare. CONSLA Party list is also going to ensure the viability and stability of the Philippine mass media industry.

#68 CONSLA is one of the leading party lists seeking for congressional seat this elections.

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