The Power of 2: KathNiel vs. JaDine?

By Evo Joel Contrivida

“If you are going to read our press releases with Kantar, we are very happy, we are very proud of the level of content, our teleserye, our noon time shows, even our weekends are doing very well. So far so good, a very good first quarter that we had.” – Donald Lim, CEO for Digital, Star Network

The KathNiel loveteam as well as Jadine, topped as the most sought after product endorsers in the social media community as handled by Stellar, the digital marketing arm of ABS-CBN that helped bridge different brands of products to their chosen celebrities. This is in connection of promoting only in the personal account of artist thru Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

The said information was disclosed to us by Donald Lim, CEO for Digital of the Star Network who launched Stellar late last year. He said that Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, James Ried and Nadine Lustre were the most engaging stars they have, and many brands are after them, their post, photos and tweets are most followed even though they are not seen on TV lately. Lim don’t have the exact figures during our interview, but he was sure that this two love teams were the stars to beat in terms of followers in the social media platform. These are different from the traditional endorsements of stars on TV and print ads, these are just them posting or tweeting about a certain product and what they liked about it.

“Those who we call in the Navi score, syempre Kathryn, Daniel, the Otwol, the Jadines, It’s no surprise, it’s really them, doing very well, were marketing them to brand, you don’t see them as often unless you follow.” Lim explained.

Lim also informed us briefly the TV ratings of different shows in Ch.2. He said that it still remained strong even up to this first quarter of 2016, and they are very proud of that. He also stressed that even It’s Showtime has been showing good statistics lately, especially the reinvented Tawag ng Tanghalan, is making a noise for those still watching boobtube now a days.

As the head of the digital department, Lim believed that Aldub still have the strong following, but so far it is not showing any effect to their ratings as of this time even last year, as the figures have said, they are doing very well and they don’t worry about it.

“I think it’s not a matter of subside, I think the challenge in our industry is always how to make people happy. Our intent is to make sure that Filipinos are entertained, informed well, so they can make a better decision,“ he added.

Regarding the ABS-CBN TV plus, the digital box that Lim introduced to the market in 2015, is still at its peak in terms of selling. They have already disposed a million units of it and it still selling like hot cakes until now. He gave us a hint that the price would go lower in months to come, plus many upgrades, as well.

Lim was also asked about the upcoming event called Power of X, the country’s first digital congress, headed by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), in which Lim is one of the founders. The event is scheduled to be held October 10 to 12, 2016 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). It’s a big event that they will have around 100 speakers from regional and global leaders in the field of Digital Marketing.

“Our objective is to rally digital done right, half of digital is understanding of what not to do, especially in the proliferations of different players, different technology, platforms, publishers, website, di na natin alam sino credible, the essence of Power of X, is finding your X that could help you power your business,“ he explained.
For those interested to attend the said congress, pls check www.powerofx.ph

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