Baron Geisler’s New Altercation Video

By Alwin M. Ignacio

Some netizens are claiming that this video is part of a social experiment. The heads and minds behind this media experimentation supposedly wants to know how fast and furious can a video become viral in social media. What does it take for a video to be repeatedly viewed then shared, and thus becoming a trending topic in various social media platforms, portals and even gaining front page and news worth status.

This story began when a young man named Khalil Verzosa, a Viscom-Fine Arts student of UP Diliman, posted a video on Facebook with this story, “We had a school prod for an editorial design campaign, we got him to act, pumayag siya, tapos ina­yos namin yung script, natagalan ng mga ilang oras at since students kami daming ginagawa so we were pressed with time, late nakapagcoordinate kay baron kaya late yung script na na­bigay pero as a director, I made sure na morning ko masend na sa kanya at the very least, kasi maikli lang naman.”

He carried on, “Natuloy kami at nagsorry nung dumating siya sa set pero nagpaparinig na siya na sana kasi maaga binigay yung script, so nagsorry pa rin kami kasi alam naman namin na kasalanan namin.”

“It’s not right to pick on us, we’re a still student prod,” Versoza further related. “We put our hearts into this production and advocacy, kahit ako pa ang nagwaldas ng pera para lang mabayaran yang TF niya, wala talaga kaming budget at nagkaroon pa ng kaunting aberya.”

He wrote in his post, “Baron Geisler, wala kang karapatan na mag beastmode, kaya sa tingin ko na dapat kong i­post ito para makita ng lahat na mali yang ginagawa mo.”

Questions for Kahlil and his group:

What is your real intention of sharing the video? Did Baron finish the shoot or did he walk out from the shoot thus putting your grades in peril? Is this an act of revenge on your part? After Baron’s emotional outburst, was there any moment when he became calm, lucid and apologized for his misbehavior?

Why did you see the need to document what happened? Were there no people courageous enough to stop the altercation knowing the fact that you were a group and Mr.Geisler was just alone? No one among you helped your classmate, you were more concerned with DLSR camera, was that the appropriate reaction when such an altercation happened?

What was the stand or official statement of the professor and of the university about this? Did they have private knowledge about this so-called “social media experiment?” Now that they have a student who was emotionally and physically hurt, what were their concrete steps or actions with regard to this? And the parents of this “child”/ student, were they aware of this and what were their plans?

To the group of Mendoza who chose to cast Baron, were they not aware of Baron’s previous altercations? They knew for a fact that Geisler is passionate with his craft and knowing that they gave the script late, he was obviously insulted and irked with the “unprofessionalism” on the side of the students. He wanted to be in his A game during the shoot. But with the late arrival of the script, he went ballistic.

Now that the video went viral, are you delirious with the outcome?

Baron’s Plan of Action

In a press statement from ALV Talent Circuit, the team that manages Baron Geisler, it read, “The video was taken out of context, and because of that, I plan to consult my lawyers for the possible liabilities of the person who uploaded the video, whose apparent intention is to exploit my already damaged reputation.”

He also clarified in an interview that he the viral video is not part of “social experiment.”

The actor related, “Pumitik lang po talaga ako. How I wish na social experiment po siya. I feel bad. I feel sad. I feel sick. Usap muna kami ng management.”

This is not the first altercation that involved the actor. His former misdemeanors were all documented. Despite all these fracas, many opine that Geisler is one of the better actors in show business that is why the entertainment industry and its leaders and managers, never close the doors for this truly talented thespian,

The only thing bothersome, and yes, even worrisome about this is that there seems to be no “authority figure” that guides the actor. There is no denying that there is need for Baron to seek immediate professional help, he must undergo emotional and psychological counseling.

The people around him must give him tough love. His manager and his family, must constantly communicate and deal with his “fragility” and “anger issues.”

Let us no longer wait for the next Baron Geisler altercation episode. To his family and immediate friends, save him and love him even more.

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