Why is Dawn Zulueta so eager to work with Piolo Pascual?

Article and Photo By Alex Datu

“First of all, I’m very happy for Richard (Gomez) kasi finally, sinuwerte siya but I’m also excited because now, I’m also going to explore. You know, having other partners or probably exploring other kinds of projects and materials. It was good while it last, I’m not just stock of having a love team, I like to do naman projects independent of my love team.”

Seasoned actress Dawn Zulueta admitted that working with Piolo Pascual was a realization of a long dream. She recalled that after she gave birth, she already dreamed of the actor to be his next leading man. “Of course in my mind lang yun, panaginip lang. That time in 2000, Piolo is the hottest, kaya ini-imagine ko na sana may makaisip na magkapa-reha kami but that was the time na I gave birth. I was this big kaya sabi ko, how’s it gonna happened? In the first place, I was out of circulation, hindi naman ako visible, sa panaginip lang talaga. Libre naman yun, nangangarap lang ako,” she narrated.

“Then heto na, nangyari na actually. Nagka-TV ako at sunod-sunod na ang exposure ko and then, nakilala ko si Piolo and then siya din naman nagkaroon ng interest in working together with me pero ano kayang klaseng project. So we made it known to Star Cinema na ito ang gusto namin,” she continued.

Dawn admitted that she’s lucky to have Piolo as his leading man in Love Me Tomorrow. And one thing she discovered while working with the actor was knowing his funny side. “Si Piolo na kilala nating na naka-pormal nyan eh, he’s a very sweet man, pero na discover ko ‘yung kengkoy side niya. Kengkoy din ‘yan, di lang ninyo alam,” she laughed.
As one of the country’s most respected actresses, Dawn was glad to admit that she was able to experience to have kissing scenes with younger actors. For her it’s a give and take process, just like they are learning something from her. It’s the same feeling she got when working with veterans. “Ang dami mo talagang matututunan and it works the same way, I’m also learning from them. I’m glad that we have this same working relations,” she said.

The movie Love Me Tomorrow posted a question, Is love really forever young? But Dawn believed that it’s just a frame of mind. “If you wanna keep it young, you can, di ba? I asked my hubby regarding this matter at ang sagot ay tumataginting na ‘oo.’ As a matter of fact, dagdagan pa natin yan, he will not just love me tomorrow, he will not just love me in any shape, form or color. “Mayroon din naman ganyan noon pero ngayon ay mayroon silang brands for it and names. I recalled, noong time namin, conservative kami. You know those things are not announced in public but now, they have names, actual labels for it,” she revealed.

As one of the most visible film stars today, we asked her stand on DOLE’s plan to have 8 to 12 hours working system in the industry. She agreeable with it and believed it would be workable because they used to do it before. “I mean, it is even done in other countries but I think, to be fair also with the producers, kailangan natin pag-usapan talaga ang mga details, how to work with it,” she stated.

“I think, 12 hours is fair because there’s nothing you can do in 8 hours eh. I think, if minors, you can do it 8 hours but I think, it should be 12 hours. Even if ma-approve ‘yun, I think, may kailangan pa rin pag-usapang sestema lalo na with the producers. Hindi puwedeng malugi ang producers.

“Sa taping ‘yung 12 hours kakayanin ‘yan, I think, if we are ahead of time, it can be done. You just meet and iron the script. The problem naman palagi ay ang pagiging habit na we are writing the script as we go along. Minsan nga, ‘yung script ay nasa cellphone na lang. ‘Yan ang mga nagyayari ngayon but that cannot be because if you want to be efficient sa oras mo, kailangan planado na at dapat ‘yung pinagkasundaan sa script, kailangan walang pabago-bago yan, di ba?” she stressed.

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